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A release at last. =)

Here it is finally... The last 2 chapters of this series! I hope you guys enjoy it. Special thanks to A Willful Muse for all the help and patience they have given us. Thanks a lot! =)



Well, sort of... most of the original members are still AWOL but hey, at least we're somehow moving. And since they've left the good with me, I am pleased to inform you that we are currently working with another scanlation group: awillfulmuse . We are in the process of finishing or rather working on the next chapter. Well, techinically they are since I only provided the raw and did some minuscule editing on the initial script. heheh... So share the love to them you guys. If it weren't for them... this project would continue to be on hiatus. THANKS A LOT AGAIN!!! ;)

Release...sort of

Originally, when I started to scanlate Meine Liebe, I decided that I will do a special bonus pages release when all the chapters have been released, which will contain extra pages from vol 4 not related to the main story, and some other pages from vol 2 as well.
I nearly forgot about it when I went for my trip...but I still remembered in the end :D
I've been rushing to get it out before I have to go back.
Since I will probably not be around by the time they reach the last chapter, I thought that I'll release it first :)
This is kind of a treat to the staff members as well, to thank them for their work,  so I didn't make them work for the release ^_^

I'm not sure whether the pages will be a spoiler or not...I don't think so, but if you want to be on the safer side, don't read the vol 4 extra pages first?
Meine Liebe Vol 2 & 4 bonus


A poll

I am too tired of resting in bed all day long doing nothing.. Although I love sleeping, but it's kind of difficult to keep resting after sleeping more than half the day away...to cut the long story short, I decided to do something: a.k.a. Making a poll.

It might be some time before another release, so this is to entertain those who still check this site occasionally.
Poll #1118944 Meine Liebe manga ending

Who do you want Erika to end up with?

Headmaster with *interesting* perm
Orphe's driver
I added in a couple of non conventional choices other than the usual 5 to make the poll more interesting ^_^
If you don't know who they are, it probably means you haven't watched the anime. It's ok, just vote for the one you know :D
And it's guys because I still want this poll to be family friendly...

By the way, it's who you want Erika to be with, not who you think Erika will be with.
I'm sorry, but only LJ users can vote...I don't know how to make a poll for LJ & non LJ-users.
Still, you leave comments regardless of whether you have an account or not :) (For non LJ visitors, you can comment using anonymous.)

Spread the love...

WAIT! DON'T CLICK THAT LINK YET!!! We spent a lot of time before this release was possible... actually, candy did, lol. READ THIS FIRST BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD. DON'T CLICK THAT BUTTON!!!!

And so, the long wait is finally over. Today/Tonight we are finally releasing chapter 9b. Sorry for the much delay but classes have already started and thus we had less free time to fangirl over the raws.

Also, we are still in NEED of translators. SOMEBODY pls do apply. I tried going to Kagami scans but alas, i guess their not in circulation anymore and so I BEG YOU! If you can read either CHINESE or JAPANESE, do apply. If you are already affiliated with another group we wouldn't mind a joint project. We're not that selfish. =) So people, spread the LOVE. Tell people and force them to contact us. WE NEED HELP!

And I know I'm so ebil for keeping you away from the link while I rant about stuff but hey, if you want new chapters, we NEED YOU! PLS!!!!!!!!

Now here's your prize for reading all that crap! Enjoy!

Linkie: Meine Liebe Chp 09b

new ... RELEASE!!!

Yes, it is a release folks. Finally, after so much confusion... candy and I made it. Sort of. Jaded is still here though it seems that the only reason that she's back is because she's sick... (;_;) Hopefully she'll be up and about in no time...

So anyway... without further stalling... here is chp09a of Meine Liebe. Hope you guys enjoy this. 09b will be out after I'm done fangirling err.. soon. =) I promise!! ^_^


By the way... we still need translators.... Japanese or Chinese it doesn't matter. JUST PLEASE APPLY!!!! If you are interested.... post your email add or better yet, head over to my journal, look for my email addy and send me note. =D

Also, my creative juices are working at the moment... care to direct me to some really nice Meine Liebe pictures with really good quality? =) I might just make a new layout... ^_^

Is all... hope you guys will enjoy. =)


Sayonara and hello!

fio120 and ispucian are now the co-maintainers of The Meine Liebe Project!
Because I'll be going away for quite some time, they will be the ones you look for if you have anything to ask.
Thanks for tolerating me ^_^
But that doesn't mean you can start bad-mouthing me, because I may still be able to find internet access *evil laugh*

And, I merged the 2 half-chapters of chapter 7 together.
Meine Liebe Chapter 7
For those who haven't read chapter 7 before, you can get the whole chapter here.

By the way...
We are still in need of translators, either Chinese or Japanese! Without translators, the scanlations will halt. So please apply!


Unfortunately, there's no release today.
The translator has been kind of taking a break these days, and translates an average of 2 pages a day for the last few days.
So, Meine Liebe readers, please help out! Next year, there might not be any translator...or rather, the translator can't be so active in translating anymore.
If you know Chinese (or Hong Kong Chinese) or Japanese, please email one of the maintainers asap regarding your proficiency in the language, ie. how many years you've learnt etc.
You can ask if you're unsure of anything.
I hope that people will apply..
Thank you.

Yet another release!

I would have been a whole lot happier if my back wasn't aching...
Anyway, you didn't read the title wrongly! It's really a release :)
I almost wanted to release it on Christmas day...but in the end I didn't. I thought that you guys might like it better if you could read it earlier ^_^
Thanks to Candy for editing so fast! I tried to speed-qc as well, but speed and I don't go well together.

Once again, before you rush to download it, here are some announcements!
Meine Liebe ~Wieder~ has the permission to host éMLP's scans! éMLP is now one of their affiliates :)
You can drop by the site and say hi. It's a fansite dedicated to the Meine Liebe anime, so go check out what they have ^_^ It's a subsidiary of Cireus-Anime, which has sites on other anime, and they have a scanlation group too!
Esthetique has also asked to host éMLP's scans...they have lovely projects as well, so do support them ^_^

Since it's Christmas Eve at my place...Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
Meine Liebe Chapter 8
A full chapter for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!
Once again, please tell me if you want to distribute the scans elsewhere. I won't bite. Really.

Yes it's a release

The title said it all.

Before you go download it, here are some announcements...
Some brave souls have applied to help with the Meine Liebe scanlations! ^_^
So, cheers to Piu, Candy and ispucian!
Thanks for helping :)

Also, the The Evil Empire has the official permission to upload éMLP's scans on their site.
And they're the only site to ask for permission...

Alright, time for Meine Liebe Chapter 07b.
It doesn't hurt to just tell me you want to distribute the scans elsewhere. Really, I won't bite or scream at you.

Also, I'm calling out to all translators! Now I don't need anymore cleaners or typesetters, but translators!
You can translate from Hong Kong Chinese version or the Japanese version.
To apply, email me your experience in that language (ie, how many years you've learnt, roughly gauge your standard).
SFX needs to be translated, but don't worry it's usually just about the same ones.